50-100-50 on Thursday

Five Circuits of:
10 Hand Release Pushups
20 Swiss Ball Crunches
10 Machine Assisted Pullups (-200x3, -210x2)

Note: Upper forearms & lower biceps were particularly sore for 3 days


No Pushups

Still feeling it from the sixty hand-release pushups on Monday so:

1/6 of a mile on treadmill at 7.5 mph (eight-minute mile pace, about 1:18)
Dumbbell Clean & Press - 6/6 reps with 40#
25 Swiss Ball Crunches

1/6 of a mile on treadmill at 7.5 mph
Dumbbell Clean & Press - 6/6 reps with 40#
12 bench situps
12 bench leg raises

1/6 of a mile on treadmill at 7.5 mph
Dumbbell Clean & Press - 6/6 reps with 40#
50 machine crunches
25/25 machine twists

1/6 of a mile on treadmill at 7.5 mph
Dumbbell Clean & Press - 6/6 reps with 40#
Plank for 1 minute

The last circuit was at the very edge on all three. Made it through.


Quick Monday

Needed a quick workout today. This one hurt.

Tabata sprints on the elliptical (20sec max+10sec slow x 8 sets).

Hand-release pushups x 10, swiss ball crunches x 10, air squats x 10 - for six circuits.

Could barely move.


Recovery Thursday

Our "40" workout from Monday kicked our (increasingly smaller) butts. I meant for today to be "easy". So much for that.

Treadmill: 1/6 mile @ 7.5mph (8-minute mile pace)
Close-Hands Push Ups: 15
Wide-Grip Machine Chin Ups: 10 @ -200#
Swiss Ball Crunches: 25

Treadmill: 1/6 mile @ 7.5mph
Pullovers: 10 @ 55#
Machine Pullups: 10 @ -200
Situps: 12
Leg Raises: 12

Treadmill: 1/6 mile @ 7.5mph
Cable Flies: 20 @ 30#
Standing Row: 10 @ 45#
Machine Crunch: 50
Machine Twists: 25/25

Increasing the run distance a little at a time. Working towards 4x440.
Weight down 2 more, to 276.



My workout partner turned 40 this weekend.
So today we did:

Burpees x 10
Swiss Ball Crunches x 20
Dumbell Clean & Press x 10 @ 40#
Plank for 40 seconds

Burpees x 10
Situps x 10
Leg Raises x 10
Dumbell Clean & Press x 10 @ 40#
Plank for 40 secs

Burpees x 10
Machine Crunch 40+
Machine Twists 40+
Dumbell Clean & Press x 10 @ 40#
Side Bends x 10/10 @ 10# (40 total alt abs)

Burpees x 10 (40 total)
Swiss Ball Crunches x 20 (40 total)
Dumbell Clean & Press x 10 @ 40# (40 total)
Plank for 40 seconds

Jiminy Cricket, I'm tired.

I'm sorry I got a little incoherent

Tabata sprints on the elliptical (90rpm/20sec & 50rpm/10sec) x8
Hand-release pushups x20
Swiss Ball Crunches x20
Dumbbell Clean & Press x5/5 @ 35#
Hand-release pushups x20
Situps x 10
Leglifts x10
Dumbbell Clean & Press x5/5 @ 35#
Pullovers x10 @ 45
Machine crunches x50 @ 50#
Machine twists x25/25 @ 50#
Dumbbell Clean & Press x5/5 @ 35#

Stand still for a while and stop breathing so hard.

Some where in the middle I was trying to tell Rich the next exercise and I couldn't explain what we were supposed to do. I finally made it clear by calling out and pointing. Once I could catch my breath (during the leglifts, I think) I said, "I'm sorry I got a little incoherent there 'cause, I'm a little incoherent."


Morning Ritual

If all goes as planned, each morning I consume:
- a half-liter of ice cold water (to increase metabolism)
- a handful of spinach (muscle growth, fat metabolism, minerals)
- two forkfuls of sauerkraut (fat-burning gut flora & disease prevention)
- four eggs (protein, choline)
- cooked in butter from grassfed cows (Vitamins A, D3, K2)
- Cod Liver Oil Gelcap (Vitamins A, D3, K2)
- 2000 IU of Vitamin D3
-- all three are to boost testosterone and fat loss
- Potassium (eliminate lactic acid/soreness)
- B-Complex Vitamin (fight fatigue)
- Multivitamin w/minerals (all of the above)

Seems like a lot, but it happens quickly. Never mix sauerkraut and eggs (Tim Ferriss was right, it's awful) and don't take cod liver oil without eating (the ensuing fish burps are horrible).



Going Solo

Had to workout Thursday alone, but was encouraged by making 279, even after a breakfast of spinach, sauerkraut, and 4 eggs. I was still a little sore in the upper chest from the hand-release pushups on Monday.

The Workout
10 Burpees
10 Swiss Ball Crunches
5/5 Dumbbell Clean & Press @ 35
30 sec. Plank
Three times through. Fast.

Admittedly a little easy, but I was by myself.
It was a good day, nonetheless: 279!


Quick and Painful

Monday's Workout
Three circuits with no breaks:
10 hand-release pushups (Crossfit style)
10 air squats
10 ball crunches (Ferris myotatic crunches)

1 minute rest

Three more circuits with no breaks.


This was designed to be a Tabata Protocol workout - 20 seconds hard, 10 seconds of transition,20 seconds hard, 10 seconds of transition, and so on, for nine repetition. Took a quick break and did it again.

We were done in about 10 minutes. We'll do it again soon and do nine total circuits.

Twice now, when I've made a important weight goal, both 289 and 279, it was after a Tabata-style workout. Hmm.


I summarized what we've been doing in our workouts to my friend, who is adding the exercise to his Paleo eating. It is heavily influenced by Crossfit concepts, the Primal Blueprint, the Tabata Protocol, and Ferriss' Four-Hour-Body.

The goal is to spend 30 minutes or less and almost throwup.

I usually chose 4 types of exercises
sprint, chest, stomach, back
sprint, full-body, stomach, chest/back
Full-body, stomach, full-body, other,
A few times we have sprinted, full body, abs, fullbody. Close to vomit.

And we usually do three circuits.

I try to make it different, so we don't get in a rut, or adapt to just the exercise. Some days we do a different exercise each circuit.

elliptical 75-90 rpm, built up to 90 & 2 minutes.

Also used Tabata protocol on elliptical. 20sec@90rpm & 10@50 x8

Started jogging a 220 (.125 miles) at 5 mph, then up to a 440 (.25), then faster, 6mph, and 7.5 mph. Two of those and my calves cramp, so we started doing 220's at 7.5mph. I made 4 last time.

Full body
Dumbbell Clean & Press

Hand-release pushups
Feet-elevated pushups
Close hands pushups
Cable Flys

Machine pullups
Bent row
Upright row
Cable row
Prone pullups
Hangs from Pullup bar



Myotatic crunch (ball)
Situps (on bench)
Leg raises on bench
Crunch machine
Twist machine

Tim Ferris curls & tricep extensions (10 second reps)

I chose different ones each time for muscle confusion. we have increased our reps and/or weight at all of them over time.