Getting Through It

Monday Workout
Four Circuits
Farmer's Walk x 50 yds @ 90#
Hand-Release Pushups x 10
Overhead Squats x 10 @ 45#
Bicycle Crunches x 30
Knee-ups x 10


Tabata, Deadlift, Pushing & Pulling

Thursday's Workout

Elliptical Trainer Tabata Protocol: 20 sec @ 90 rpm/10 sec @ 55 rpm x 8

Deadlift x 6 @ 135
Deadlift x 5 @ 155
Deadlift x 4 @ 185
Deadlift x 3 @ 205

Superset 1
Machine Pullups x 6 @ -160
Machine Dips x 6 @ -110
Machine Pullups x 5 @ -150
Machine Dips x 5 @ -100
Machine Pullups x 4 @ -140
Machine Dips x 4 @ -90
Machine Pullups x 3 @ -130
Machine Dips x 3 @ -80

Superset 2
Close-hands Pushups x 10
One-Arm Cable Row @ 50# x 10/10
Close-hands Pushups x 8
One-Arm Cable Row @ 50# x 8/8
Close-hands Pushups x 6
One-Arm Cable Row @ 50# x 6/6
Close-hands Pushups x 4
One-Arm Cable Row @ 50# x 4/4


"Like a Scavenger Hunt"

We had to go down the street from the school to do a chore. So I came up with several things we could do at school and get in a solid workout.

Monday's Workout

We ran 200 yards down the street.
We team-lifted two ~150 pound concrete planters onto a porch.
We ran 200 yards back up the street.

Aluminum Bleachers - 60 yards long, 8 steps high, 6 aisles. We ran up, across, and down three times for one 'bleacher'. We ran four 'bleachers' (walking back to the beginning after each).

Basketball, thrown two-handed, overhead.
(I'd snagged it earlier and stashed it in a workout room off the old gym).
15 ft. x 5 (free throw line)
42 ft. x 5 (mid-court)
69 ft. x 5 (3/4 court attempts)
42 ft. x 5
15 ft. x 5

One hand on the floor & one on the basketball, and switched the ball between hands after each rep. Uneven pushups x 10 for 2 sets (oddly difficult)

When we opened up a coach's office to put the ball back, Rich said, "This is like a scavenger hunt."

Football Sled
One man pushed a wooden two-man football sled. We went 100 yards, alternating every 10, so: Two-Man Sled x 5 @ 10yds

To finish we climbed 5-6 foot chain-link fence to escape.

It was not our hardest workout, but it was fun and we covered sprinting, heavy lifting, legs/stair running, shoulders/core/posterior chain, chest & shoulders, core/legs, and functional fitness. That should keep the gurus at bay.


"Nah, this will be easy,"

I said, without much conviction.
It was not.

Rich's look of skepticism after the first set of thrusters said it all.
It was a quality beatdown, but we pushed on through.

I'm definitely "sore in different places than I was yesterday,"
Which is basically what we want.

Thursday 2/14/13

Four circuits of:

Run x 220 yds @ 7.5 mph
Feet-up Pushups x 10
Lunges x 10/10
Reverse Rows x 10
Dumbbell Thrusters x 10 @ 25#/25#
Knee-ups x 10 (Captain's Chair)

Reverse Rows:


Burpees (and other stuff I barely remember).

We spent Saturday moving a house full of furniture. It was a fine workout - and left our biceps with some serious soreness. (Clearly need more exercise).

I set this one up to avoid biceps, but to hurt otherwise. It worked.

42 Burpees in 7 minutes. Ouch.
The 12 sets of abs, nearly non-stop, led to some nice cramps.
I actually almost gave out on the run.
I loved it.

Monday's Workout

Squats x 10
Pushups x 10

Burpees x 6
- every minute for 7 minutes

Four circuits of:
Plank x 30 secs
Russian Twists x 20 @ 15#
Long Crunches x 20 (on Bosu Ball)

Run x 440 yds @ 7.5 mph (2:30)

Just sat still for a little while.


Rehab & Abs

The goal on Thursday was to loosen up our shoulders & hip flexors, while giving our abs work different from Monday's 100 long crunches.
Most of these are a little unusual, but we like that.

Thursday Workout
Four Circuits of:
Shoulder Series I, Y, T, W, O x 5 secs each x 2
Cat Vomit Exercise x 20 secs (stomach contractions)
Plank to Pushup x 5/5
Bicycle Crunches x 30
Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch x 3/3 @ 10 sec
Rotator Cuff Side Cable Pull x 10/10

Shoulders & hip flexors felt much better, and the abs felt much worse. Success!

Links to these jewels.
Shoulder Series
Cat Vomit Exercise
Plank to Pushup
Bicycle Crunches
Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch
Rotator Cuff Side Cable Pull (video)

Wednesday Run

Tuesday we ran two 880's, each at about 5 minutes (technical difficulty).


Almost perfect (except for no burpees).

Run farther & longer. Do more sets. Run again. Be done in half an hour.

Extended our workout Warmup/warmdown to a 440.
For our '300' each set lasted 40 seconds - about 20 work and 20 rest.
So we did 30 sets (300 reps) in 20 minutes.

Monday's Workout
Run x 440 yds @ 6.0 mph

10 circuits of:
Hand-Release Pushups x 10
Long Crunches x 10 (on Bosu Ball)
2-Hand Kettlebell Swings x 10 @ 35#

Run x 440 yds @ 6.0 mph

and done.

It took us almost as long to recover as it did to exercise.

Almost the perfect workout for us, except for no burpees.


Dumbbells and a Roller

Did the four exercises with dumbbells and broke in the new foam roller.

Thursday's Workout
Five circuits of:
Deadlift x 5 @ 50#/50#
Russian Twists x 20 @ 25#
Renegade Rows x 5/5 @ 15#/15#
Pullovers x 10 @ 30#
Foam Roller x 10/10
- Calves x 3, Side of hips, glutes

If sore is the new sexy, then I'm sexy from my hips to my shoulders.

It was not exhausting, but it worked. Still sore on Saturday night.