Bear Crawls!

Monday 7/22/13

Delayed a few hours, I finally was able to workout on Monday afternoon.
It did allow me to use the aerobics/bike class room, so - bear crawls!

Two circuits of:
Hip Flexor Stretch x 10sec/10sec
Calf Raises/Stretch x 10
Back extensions x 10
Rotator Cuff Side Cable Pull x 10/10 @ 20#

Four circuits of:
Bear Crawl x 20 yards
Burpee + 6" box jump x 5
Renegade rows x 5/5 @ 15#/15#
Long Crunch on Bosu Ball x 25

Only 15-20 sec. breaks between sets

I was definitely out of breath, and persistent muscle issues (right shoulder, hip flexor - in front & back, & now calf) are feeling better.