Pushing Through

We were both dragging today, and we'd only had one rest day, so simply pushing through this one seemed like a reasonable goal. We actually did better than I expected, but the increased weight on the two-dumbbell clean & press (the 'Jack LaLanne') was a killer.

We took turns at each station, which slowed the pace, but it made us both want to hurry up, which I liked - we've grown to hate resting.

I worked in more ideas from the "One Lifetime, Five Movements" posts at The Whole 30, most of which are right in line with what we do - added one-arm rows for trunk stability, and returned to single-leg deadlifts, overhead presses, and trunk rotation,

Thursday's Workout


Ran 440 yds @ 6mph (2:31)

Four Circuits of:
One-Arm Cable Row x 10/10 @ 50#
Two-Dumbbell Clean & Press x 10 @ 35#/35#
Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift x 10/10 @ 10#/10#
Russian Twists x 20 @ 10# (medicine ball)

Ran 440 yds @ 6mph (2:31)

I liked the longer, but slight slower runs.
I might be able to do an 880 at that pace.
We'll find out.

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