The whole Whole30

We finished our Whole 30 on Thursday. It was great.

Eating so cleanly has made us both feel so much better and I lost 16 pounds (you're not supposed to check, but it is my thing). We are both even further down in clothes sizes.

I will start posting many of our dishes from this past month this week.

CRL is doing the dairy check and then the gluten check this weekend. I don't appear to have real problems with either one, but I feel so much better without them both, I'm going to stay that way!

We have become so used to eating Paleo that none of the restrictions were a hardship - cooking nearly every meal is the tough part, but we have always shared the load there (I love to cook and do most of it), so it wasn't really a problem.

If you want to see results and start changing the way you feel for the better, the Whole30 is the way to go.

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