29 Minutes to Done

Our basic plan is to use high-intensity strength-building exercises as conditioning.

If we do it right we will build muscle, burn fat, and improve our aerobic fitness - in line with Crossfit ideas about metabolic conditioning.

Monday we focused on this by doing sets that took 30-40 seconds and then resting the remainder of each minute. After each circuit we rested another minute - so we did 25 sets in 29 minutes.

Five Circuits of:
Plank x 45 seconds
Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift x 5/5 @ 10#/10#
Bench Dips x 5 (feet on ground)
Burpees x 6
1-Hand Kettlebell Swings x 5/5 @ 35#

The Bench Dips were new and too easy. More reps, then feet up.

The plank has been off the list for a while, but went better than expected.

Hammys & butt are definitely sore from the SLRDL, and felt them on Tuesday for the 220's, and still feel them today for soccer.

This one was worth the effort. The hurt was put on.

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