Tabata and Deadlifts and Burpees. Oh my!

We hit the highlights on the last workout of the year.

Part 1
Elliptical Trainer Tabata
1 min warmup @ 65rpm
4 min of Tabata Protocol
  (8 circuits of 20 sec @ 85rpm + 10 sec @ 55rpm)

Part 2
5 @ 135#
5 @ 155#
5 @ 185#

Part 3
5 reps every minute for 7 minutes

Part 4
Long Crunch x 20 (on Swiss ball, touch floor over head)
Russian Twist x 20 @ 10# (medicine ball)
Long Crunch x 20
Russian Twist x 20 @ 10#

The elliptical Tabata has gotten less difficult. Ramping up the rpm.
It has been a while on the deadlifts, so we were cautious on weight. More weight.
The Burpees followed the Crossfit Open Workout: Max Burpees in 7 minutes. We spaced them out. More reps.
We were so exhausted after the Burpees that I cramped up on the crunches. If I cramp up, it's a win.

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