Bringing SDLHP's Back

8am, Monday Morning, Christmas Eve

In preparation for all the food that will be consumed over the next couple of days, we made sure to get one in this morning.

Trying to make sure we keep changing, I pulled the Sumo Deadlift High Pulls out of the bag.

Four Circuits
Feet-Up Pushups x 15 (on 55 cm ball)
Long Crunches x 25 (on 55 cm ball)
Sumo Deadlift High Pulls x 10 @ 65#
Knee-ups x 10 (Captain's Chair)
Farmer's Walk x 50 yards @ 50#/50# (100 lbs!)

It was taxing, but we were able to move through the twenty sets without much difficulty. There was little rest between sets, and no more than a minute between circuits.

This was not as tough as I expected. Our conditioning is much better, but I need to consider how to ramp up the intensity without simply extending the time we work.

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