Almost perfect (except for no burpees).

Run farther & longer. Do more sets. Run again. Be done in half an hour.

Extended our workout Warmup/warmdown to a 440.
For our '300' each set lasted 40 seconds - about 20 work and 20 rest.
So we did 30 sets (300 reps) in 20 minutes.

Monday's Workout
Run x 440 yds @ 6.0 mph

10 circuits of:
Hand-Release Pushups x 10
Long Crunches x 10 (on Bosu Ball)
2-Hand Kettlebell Swings x 10 @ 35#

Run x 440 yds @ 6.0 mph

and done.

It took us almost as long to recover as it did to exercise.

Almost the perfect workout for us, except for no burpees.

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