"Like a Scavenger Hunt"

We had to go down the street from the school to do a chore. So I came up with several things we could do at school and get in a solid workout.

Monday's Workout

We ran 200 yards down the street.
We team-lifted two ~150 pound concrete planters onto a porch.
We ran 200 yards back up the street.

Aluminum Bleachers - 60 yards long, 8 steps high, 6 aisles. We ran up, across, and down three times for one 'bleacher'. We ran four 'bleachers' (walking back to the beginning after each).

Basketball, thrown two-handed, overhead.
(I'd snagged it earlier and stashed it in a workout room off the old gym).
15 ft. x 5 (free throw line)
42 ft. x 5 (mid-court)
69 ft. x 5 (3/4 court attempts)
42 ft. x 5
15 ft. x 5

One hand on the floor & one on the basketball, and switched the ball between hands after each rep. Uneven pushups x 10 for 2 sets (oddly difficult)

When we opened up a coach's office to put the ball back, Rich said, "This is like a scavenger hunt."

Football Sled
One man pushed a wooden two-man football sled. We went 100 yards, alternating every 10, so: Two-Man Sled x 5 @ 10yds

To finish we climbed 5-6 foot chain-link fence to escape.

It was not our hardest workout, but it was fun and we covered sprinting, heavy lifting, legs/stair running, shoulders/core/posterior chain, chest & shoulders, core/legs, and functional fitness. That should keep the gurus at bay.

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