Rehab & Abs

The goal on Thursday was to loosen up our shoulders & hip flexors, while giving our abs work different from Monday's 100 long crunches.
Most of these are a little unusual, but we like that.

Thursday Workout
Four Circuits of:
Shoulder Series I, Y, T, W, O x 5 secs each x 2
Cat Vomit Exercise x 20 secs (stomach contractions)
Plank to Pushup x 5/5
Bicycle Crunches x 30
Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch x 3/3 @ 10 sec
Rotator Cuff Side Cable Pull x 10/10

Shoulders & hip flexors felt much better, and the abs felt much worse. Success!

Links to these jewels.
Shoulder Series
Cat Vomit Exercise
Plank to Pushup
Bicycle Crunches
Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch
Rotator Cuff Side Cable Pull (video)

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