Burpees & Bicycles

Meeting this afternoon so we found a spot for a quick workout.
This one hurt:

10 Burpees
20 Bicycle Crunches
9 Burpees
18 Bicycle Crunches
8 Burpees
16 Bicycle Crunches
7 Burpees
14 Bicycle Crunches
6 Burpees
12 Bicycle Crunches
5 Burpees
10 Bicycle Crunches
4 Burpees
8 Bicycle Crunches
3 Burpees
6 Bicycle Crunches
2 Burpees
4 Bicycle Crunches
1 Burpees
2 Bicycle Crunches

55 Burpees and 110 Bicycle crunches in about 15 minutes.
Absolutely worth it.


Sore in some weird places

Friday's Workout

Five circuits of:
220 yard run @ 7.5mph
Uneven pushups x 5/5 (one hand on med ball, alternating sides)
Woodchoppers x 5/5 @ 30/40/50/50/60#
- (double rope on machine, high pulley, on one knee)
V-ups x 10 (prone, push down with hands, raise legs & torso)

The exercises worked us in different ways and called on parts of our muscles we had not been using. Pecs, lats, and ribcage were all sore in places they have not been. Well worth the effort.


Walking and the plank.

Monday's Workout

Four Circuits of:
Triple Lunge x 5/5 (front, side back)
Plank x 45 seconds
Reverse Rows x 10 (chest-high squat bar)
Pullovers x 10 @ 25#
Farmer's Walk x 50 yards @ 50#/50#

The lunges always loosen me up, even as they hurt.
The Rows and Walks combined put our forearms under duress.

We managed to be plenty worn out at teh end.

These were a nice balance to the exercises from last week.


Dips. Ouch.

Friday's Workout

Five Circuits of:
2-Hand Kettlebell Swings x 20 @ 35#
Russian Twists x 20 @ 18# Med Ball
Machine Dips x 5 @ (-80)
Knee-ups x 10 (Captain's Chair)

The kettlebells achieved the exhaustion I was looking for. It was the dips, however, that brought the pain.


Almost more than we could Bear

Monday's Workout

Five Circuits of:
Bear Crawl x 20 yards
Long Crunches x 25 (on Bosu ball)
Manmakers x 6 @ 12#/12# (burpees with rows & overhead presses)
Box Jumps x 6 @ 21"

A short break after each circuit.
A particularly tough one.


Back at it

After a trip for me and the flu for Rich, it was time to get back to work.
Wanted to cover the basics with this one.

We increased the difficulty by doing it 'Simon Style' with no breaks between stations for the entire workout. At the end of the twenty sets, we could barely move.

Thursday's Workout
Four Circuits of:
Run x 220 yards
Feet-up Pushups x 15
Bicycle Crunches x 20
Dumbbell Clean & Press x 10 @ 25#
Leg Raises x 10