The Cindy

I crib a lot of workout ideas from Crossfit. The workouts are generally more than we can do, yet, but they are a great guide.

They do benchmark workout in which you have a time limit to do as many circuits as you can, or do max reps or do max weight. They are modified for ability level.

Monday we did a modified "Cindy" - their workouts have names.
It was, intense. We'll do again later in the spring.

In twenty minutes we did as many circuits as possible of:

Machine Pullups x 5 (-170)
Pushups (Hand-Release) x 10
Air Squats x 15

We made nine circuits and then time, mercifully, expired.
We almost did too.

45 pullups, 90 pushups, and 135 squats in 20 minutes.
That'll do.

For the record:
My weight 'officially' hit 270, which means 90 pounds lost.

But the fat loss is even more substantial. My new smaller pants (bought in the regular clothes section!) are starting to get loose and I spent Saturday in a new pair of much smaller jeans.

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