A Good Sore

Working through a couple of injuries and recovering from Thursday. Our lightest workout, intensity-wise, in a while, but we worked chest, abs, & legs from different directions. It's a good sore.

Feet-up Pushups x 20
Plank x 60 seconds
Medicine Ball Thruster Throws x 10 @ 18#

Dips x 5 @ -100
Swiss Ball Crunch x 25
Lunges x 5/5

Pullups x 5 @ -130
Machine Twists x 25/25 @ 30#
Backwards Lunges x 5/5

Cable Crossover Flies x 20 @ 40#
Seated Knee-ups x 10
Air Squats x 20

This would have been a killer a year ago. Monday it felt like cheating.
We'll call that progress. Thursday, "it's on".

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