A Summary of our Paleo lifestyle eating

A lot of people ask me about our Paleo Lifestyle eating. It has been really effective for us.

We do as much as we can and have made compromises where we’ve had too. We like Mark Sisson, Robb Wolf, and, of course, Tim Ferriss.

The No’s:
- We try to eat no grain, absolutely no gluten (occasional rice, on cheat day).
- Eat no beans, no legumes (no peanuts) and no soy (lessens testosterone), if at all possible.
- No corn syrup
- Very little sugar, it may be in a hot sauce or something in a small amount.
- No milk or soft cheese (so no lactose, except occasional 1/2&1/2 when out). We use cream, & eat hard cheese. (CRL=lactose intolerant)
- No potatoes, (except cheat days), occasional sweet potato.
- No vegetable oil
- No artificial sweeteners (it took me a while)
- Virtually no packaged stuff
- Try to use fruit as dessert

The Yes’s:
- Kerrigold Butter & cheeses (grass-fed cows), Ghee, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil
- Meat, grass-fed when we can afford it (which isn’t often), but mostly burgers, steaks, chops, chicken (we get them pasture-fed locally, so when I can buy a grass-fed side of beef, I’ll have a guy)
- Eggs, a lot of eggs
- Spinach & Sauerkraut
- Veg – artichoke hearts, cauliflower, asparagus
- Coffee, Tea, both with no sweetener
- Salad with a variety of veg – I make a lot of vinaigrettes
- we have been making sauces with cream, egg yolks, cheese, olive oil, etc
- Dark Chocolate (Green & Blacks!)
- I have started a glass of red wine some nights
- I will have a beer when I want one – fermented grain has less of the bad stuff (lectins), just the carbs
- Almonds, Walnuts
- Blackberries & Blueberries & strawberries
- I take vitamins & Cod Liver Oil gels

- We cheat once a week, based on Ferriss’ concerns over hormone adjustment & insulin sensitivity. Usually with Jones Soda/Mexican Coke, beer, ice cream (me), sorbet (Cassondra), and mocha frappachino.

I’ve combined the Tim Ferriss longevity, testosterone, slo-carb, & fat-burning stuff with mostly Marc Sisson’s Primal Diet.

We do two high intensity workouts a week, cribbed from CrossFit stuff, and adjusted for 40+ year-old ex-linemen.

I weigh the lowest I have since 1994. I actually feel stronger than I have since high school, even in the army I was always hurting. I don’t hurt, except for tired muscles.

It seems counter-intuitive & a bit cultish, but it works.

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