A Basic Five x Five

Five circuits of Five exercises.

We've covered a broad range of exercises in our workouts recently, so today the plan was to hit some basics and see if we've improved. Everything went more smoothly than I expected.

Monday's Workout
Five Circuits of:
Air Squats x 10
Feet-up Pushups x 10 (small ball)
Myotatic Crunch x 20 (Bosu)
2-Arm Kettlebell Swing x 10 @ 35#
Bicycle Crunch x 20

The air squats have gotten much easier. It's time for some thrusters and wall balls.
The feet up pushups went smoothly. This will lead to more pushup variations.
The crunch on the Bosu Ball is harder, and still effective.
Sets of 10 at one pood on the swing are easier, leading to longer timed sets.
The bicycle is a revelation. It is definitely bearing out the research.

25 sets was not too exhuating either which demonstrates some improved endurance as well.

This one showed we are moving in the right direction.

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