I hate running with a passion. I was and always will be a linemen. We cover short distances and deliver the collision. I was a wrestler. We go all day in a small, painful space.

Distance running is just horrible. I start to drag quickly.

Sprinting I'm fine with. It's short and furious and over.

So to improve my mile time I cheated - and it worked. I sprinted (for me) a 440 in 2:20 or so and walked for 30 seconds, about 50 yards, and then sprinted to finish that next quarter mile. I walked for 45 seconds and then sprinted to 3/4's of a mile and again walked 45 seconds. Then I sprinted to the end of the mile. Voila! 11:37 mile. My fastest mile since the fall.

If I manage the sprints and rests I could actually make my 10-minute mile goal.

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