Awkward Day

On Monday, I was still recovering from Saturday's '300' (100 pushups, 100 crunches, 100 squats) and Rich from his calf injury, so I put this one together based on those factors.

Balance turned out to be the key with all of these, using our core to stabilize. It was one of the most awkward workouts we've had - a lot of wobbling.

We rested while the other man went, so about 30 seconds between stations and about a minute between circuits.

Monday's Workout
Five circuits of:
Calf Raises x 10 (on a low step)
Renegade Rows x 5/5 @ 10/10 (one arm rows in a high plank)
Overhead Walking Lunges x 10/10 @ 10# (weight overhead with both hands)
Russian Twists x 30 @ 15# (seated on a low step, feet in the air)

Without a machine to lean into. it was nearly impossible to balance during the calf raises at first. We got better and used a pole for balance. Clearly something we need to improve.

The Renegade Rows are a great exercise that we can start increasing weight & reps on.

The Overhead Walking Lunges were one of the hardest things we've done. Something that sounds so easy and is simply not. The ends of the last two sets were pure anger.

The Russian Twists were the 'easy' station - and keeping our feet up towards the end was not simple.

I did not anticipate how much balance would be an issue, which made this and even better workout than I expected.

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