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I sent this in an email to a friend/co-worker who asked me about paleo eating because of my weight loss (100+ lbs) and my body recomposition.

To be a paleo evangelist, I've been slow to share more paleo info. Mea Culpa.

There are several good infographics that can serve as introduction:

The Ultimate Guide:
Bacon over bagels:
Fat doesn't make us fat:
Paleo/Primal Food Pyramid:
PDF's from Practical Paleo:

The best overall site for info is: Mark's Daily Apple He's got a lot of stuff to sell - I've bought a couple of his books, but the info is free. He calls his stuff Primal, rather than Paleo, because it's his brand. is the place to start.

There are few people who do a better job with the actual recipes:
Nom Nom Paleo is one of the top paleo food websites:

I am currently using Diane Sanfilippo's recipes and I like them the best, so far. Her brand is 'Practical Paleo' and her FAQ is here:
and the book at Amazon - Practical Paleo.

Sarah Fragoso's recipes are also quite good and her brand is Everyday Paleo I like her book as well, and it has some exercise basics - Everyday Paleo at Amazon.

The hardcore people - Dallas & Melissa Hartwig - and how I lost another 20 pounds in August - and their brand is The Whole 30: and
their book is 'It Starts with Food'.

and finally a list of 25 top paleo websites from Nom Nom Paleo:

Mike Ray

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