Morning Ritual

If all goes as planned, each morning I consume:
- a half-liter of ice cold water (to increase metabolism)
- a handful of spinach (muscle growth, fat metabolism, minerals)
- two forkfuls of sauerkraut (fat-burning gut flora & disease prevention)
- four eggs (protein, choline)
- cooked in butter from grassfed cows (Vitamins A, D3, K2)
- Cod Liver Oil Gelcap (Vitamins A, D3, K2)
- 2000 IU of Vitamin D3
-- all three are to boost testosterone and fat loss
- Potassium (eliminate lactic acid/soreness)
- B-Complex Vitamin (fight fatigue)
- Multivitamin w/minerals (all of the above)

Seems like a lot, but it happens quickly. Never mix sauerkraut and eggs (Tim Ferriss was right, it's awful) and don't take cod liver oil without eating (the ensuing fish burps are horrible).

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  1. Even worse than the not eating with the Gelcaps is if you actually drink the supplement. Worst idea ever.