Back in Black

My workout partner and I have not worked out together in almost two weeks, so this morning we did one set of several different exercises.

Friday Morning
Ran x 220 yards @ 7.5mph
Burpees x 6
High Pulls x 12 @ 45# (upright rows)
Myotatic Crunch x 25 (long crunch on Swiss ball)

Squats x 15
Dumbbell Clean & Press x 10 @ 25#/25# (both hands at once)
Machine Pullups x 5 @ -140#
Bicycle Crunches x 20

Lunge Walk x 10/10
Hand Release Pushup x 15
Sumo Deadlift High Pull x 10 @ 45#
Knee Raises x10 (Captain's chair)

Single Leg Romanian Deadlift x 5/5 @ 10#/10#
Feet up Pushups x 15
Bodyweight Rows x 10 (bar at shoulder height)
Plank x 45 seconds

Not a bad first day back.

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