Crossfit and Jack LaLanne

This workout was cribbed from general Crossfit WoD patterns.
Run. Do a 21-15-9 circuit. Run.

We only rested while the other worked at each station. We did have to break up the rows and knee-ups during the 21 and 15, i.e. 10-6-5, but completed all reps before moving on.

Thursday Morning
Ran 440 yards in 2:30

Two-Dumbbell Clean & Press x 21 @ 25#/25#
Bodyweight Rows x 21
   (hang from shoulder height bar, feet forward & plank, then pull up, chest to bar)
Knee-ups x 21 (Captain's Chair)

Two-Dumbbell Clean & Press x 15 @ 25#/25#
Bodyweight Rows x 15
Knee-ups x 15

Two-Dumbbell Clean & Press x 9 @ 25#/25#
Bodyweight Rows x 9
Knee-ups x 9

Ran 440 yards in 2:30

The final run capped things off well, using up what I had left. The rows are a good addition, giving us another upper back option, and my biceps really felt them today.

The two-dumbbell clean and press makes us both think of Jack LaLanne.
Which isn't a bad thing.

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