To Make Sure It Hurts

The plan was simple: chest, abs, legs/back, legs/abs, and all of the above. It turned out to be a solid, exhausting workout. I love tacking on some burpees just to make sure it hurts.

We didn't rest between exercises, except to move, but we did rest about a minute to a minute & a half between circuits.
Friday Morning Workout
Five circuits of:
- Feet-Up Pushups x 10 (on a sm. Swiss ball)
- Myotatic Crunch x 20 (long arm crunch on a sm. Swiss ball)
- Sumo Deadlift High Pull x 10 @ 35# (kettlebell)
- Lunge Twist x 5/5 @ 18# (medicine ball)
- Burpee x 5

We rested quite a while before we were able to leave after these 25 sets.

Sumo Deadlift High Pull with Kettlebell

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