The Cindy

We did a modified Crossfit "Cindy" today.

We replaced the Pullups with Reverse Bodyweight Rows, but did the pushups & squats.

The idea is to repeat the circuit AMRAP, as many rounds (circuits) as possible, in 20 minutes.


Thursday's Workout
Bodyweight Reverse Rows x 5
Hand-Release Pushups x 10
Air squats x 15

For 11 circuits in 20 minutes.
(55 rows, 110 pushups, 165 squats)

We finished with:
Cat vomit ab clench x 20 secs
Long Swiss Ball Crunches x 30
Plank x 40 secs

We have successfully regained our intensity this week. This one was harsh. We struggled for Circuit #11 during the last couple of minutes.

Just beat.

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